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The Virzì farm was established in Cesarò, in the heart of the Sicilian backcountry, during the last century.

The connection to olive growing began with Giuseppe Virzì, who learned the production techniques at the beginning of the last century, passing on his love of the land to his son Calogero. He, in turn, committed considerable economic resources to expanding the family's agricultural activities, adding the production of pears and almonds to the production of extra virgin olive oil. These were the years of the Great War, times were hard, and only because of the extraordinary local produce was our community able to overcome the worst of it.

More recently, the business has been run by a new generation of family members, Calogero's children Giuseppe and Concita and his son-in-law Antonello.

Last but not least, Davide, a lawyer, from the fourth generation has joined in commitment to the company, a clear sign of the family's total commitment to this project, and irrefutable proof that ours is a story of both the past and the future.

Quì la storia della famiglia vive nei tronchi e i valori che i nonni ci hanno insegnato sono saldamente ancorati alle radici

Famiglia Virzì ­


We are ambassadors for Organicfarming, we always have been, and always will be. We are firm believers in respecting nature and its physiological timing. As such, we are inspected annually by Ecogruppo Italia, an authorized body that certifies compliance with the quality standards incorporated into the regulations for organic farming within our company.

Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine" Hippocrates

We preserve Biodiversity, using no substances that would alter the natural life process of our plants and the animal and plant ecosystem around them.

We also believe that we have a responsibility as producers of what Homer called 'liquid gold', a product that first fascinated the Greeks and later the Romans, and which is recognized today as 'nutraceutical', i.e. rich in nutritional and healing properties.

Most recently, the prestigious Food and Drug Administration has reclassified EVO oil as a medicinal food, recommending a daily intake of 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (23 grams, or 200 calories) for the wellbeing of body and mind, specifically to prevent cardiovascular disease and cognitive deficits typically seen in the elderly, and to reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes mellitus and breast cancer.


(Left to right)

Davide, who has a law degree, decided to return to Sicily after spending time in the United States, betting on the family business.

Antonello, pharmacist and former manager of a pharmaceutical company, decided at one point in his life to return to his roots, rediscovering the pleasures of nature after decades of 24-hour of business travel and expense accounts.

Concita, a full-time teacher, helps out on the administrative side of things.

Giuseppe, pharmacist and former scientific medical informant, decided to follow in his father's footsteps many years ago. In his day-to-day life, he looks after the groves and coordinates work on the farm all year long.


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