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What does it mean to grow organically?

Organic farming is done by biological means only. The word "biological" comes from the Greek ''bios'' and means life.
Organic farming represents an agricultural approach that respects nature and characterized by the use of natural organic fertilizers only.
In organic farming no fertilizers orchemical pesticides are used, ensuring that no residues of either will end up on your table. In fact, when pesticides are used, only 1‰ of the product used acts on the pests, while the remaining 999‰ contaminate the surrounding environment and are found on the final products you consume.
Organic products, on the other hand, do not require the use of artificial fertilizers, nor do they contain residues of chemical pesticides. Quite a difference, isn't it?

Why are organic products more expensive than conventional ones?

Organic cultivation uses rigorous processes that focus on respecting the natural cycle of life. There are none of the chemical tools (pesticides/fertilizers), typical of conventional agriculture to speed up and simplify the work required of the farmer. The direct consequences of this are:

  • More time is needed to produce organic products
  • More human resources are required for equal results
  • Production yields are lower

Thus, production costs are much higher, making the products more expensive.

How do you recognize an authentic organic product?

By the presence of the organic logo which, by law, can be used only on products that have been certified as organic by an authorized inspection body or agency. This means that they have met the strict requirements for production, processing, transport and storage laid down in the regulation.
In addition, the product must be labeled with initials of the certifying body, the country where the raw material was grown. and the authorization number.
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