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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


from 100% Sicilian Olives


An oil that collects the history of women and men between passion, vigour and dedication


The 3 secrets for a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

1. An extraordinary land

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2. Hand picked olives, in Sicily

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3. Organic Cultivation

Why is it so important?

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The Virzì home oil is a beautiful example of how cultivation and processing in biological can give quality products. It is a blend of Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla and Ogliarola Messinese and is able to express all the elegance of these cultivars and the territory of the Parco dei Nebrodi in Sicily. The land where their olive groves grow is highly evocative, with a fantastic window overlooking directly on the volcano Etna.

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Virzi 'Farm

Legal Headquarters: Via Nazionale 21, Cesarò (ME) 98033

Lands: Contrada Bolo-Malamogliera, 98033 Cesarò ME

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