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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


from 100% Italian Olives


The Oil of Casa Virzì is a balanced multi-varietal product made from carefully selected olives of the Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla, and Ogliarola Messinese varieties, all grown in a extraordinarily rich soil. All products from our farms are produced through certified organic farming and boast the “Nebrodi Sicily” brand of excellence.

Picked by hand early in the season, the olives are processed within a few hours by cold-pressing, which preserves their organoleptic qualities and produces an oil with a fruity and floral scent and a harmonious finish, as well as great health benefits.

Our oil is characterized by a great balance that makes it perfect for any occasion and for daily use.

It can be classified as a medium fruity oil with an elegant organoleptic balance. says: "Casa Virzì oil releases its scents to the nose in a sweet and elegant way. The fruity and floral notes are immediately recognizable, particularly those of yellow and green apple followed by a light scent of mandarin, and elegant hints of fruit and lemon flower. There are also identifiable hints of freshly cut grass, pine nuts, sweet almond, and such vegetables, such as beet and tomato leaf. The scent of Mediterranean herbs, including oregano, completes the olfactory picture of the oil. On the palate, Casa Virzì Oil has an elegant and balanced, expression with its hints of grass, sweet almond, and artichoke. In the aftertaste, notes of marjoram complete the flavor. Any bitterness is very delicate and is followed by an elegant spicy taste"


Excellent in combination with:

Most dishes in the Mediterranean diet. Delicious on fishbaked in the oven or in a stew, on risottos, and on fresh vegetablesor invegetable soups.

The 3 secrets for a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

1. Extraordinary land

Learn more about the Terroir

2. Olives hand-picked in Sicily

Details of the production process at Casa Virzì

3. Organic cultivation

Why is this so important?

Celebrity endorsement

The Virzì home oil is a beautiful example of how organic cultivation and processing can give quality products. It is a blend of Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla and Ogliarola Messinese and is able to express all the elegance of these cultivars and the territory of the Nebrodi Park in Sicily. The land where their olive groves grow is highly evocative, with a fantastic window that directly overlooks the Etna volcano.

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Virzì Farm

Legal Headquarters: Via Nazionale 21, Cesarò (ME) 98033

Lands: Contrada Bolo-Malamogliera, 98033 Cesarò ME

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