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How to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil

The Terroir: Where it all begins

The terroir is a very broad concept, a combination of many factors consolidated over time that contribute to the typicality of a product and make it immediately recognizable.

It's the combination of 3 elements which has a decisive influence on the uniqueness of a product:

  1. VARIETY: We grow only native varieties typical of our territory: Verdello, Nocellara dell'Etna, Ogliarola Messinese, Biancolilla, Minuta;
  2. 2. TERRITORY: The cultivation area is hilly (700m s.). l.m. ) and at the foot of the volcano Etna, an area characterized by very high fertility levels due to volcanic activity; 3. CLIMA: The microclimate is characterized by mild winters and windy summers with strong temperature ranges

A process to regulate art

Another very important element is the respect of the best measures along the whole production process:

  • The harvest at our altitudes starts every year at the end of October, when the olives are still green. This gives more polyphenols and perfumes to the oil, more quality at the expense of the quantity of yield;

cold pressed Italian organic olives

  • The harvesting is done by hand or with the help of mechanical facilitators that allow to easily reach the highest branches. The olives do not touch the ground to avoid bruising, they are separated by twigs and leaves already in the field and finally delivered in ventilated crates for transport to the oil mill;
  • Milling with "cold extraction" within a few hours after harvesting allows to preserve the quality of the olives in the best possible way;
    • The oil obtained is transported in stainless steel containers for storage in stainless steel silos, at controlled temperature and preventing any contact with air;
    • Analysis and quality control are carried out to classify organic extra virgin olive oil

    Analysis certifying product quality

    Sample analysis 2020/2021 (Date received result 05/11/2020):

    Acidity 0.2% - Peroxides: 3.5 - Polyphenols 406


    L'Olio di Casa Virzi'

    The Olio di Casa Virzi' is a balanced blend of carefully selected olives of the Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla and Ogliarola Messinese varieties grown in an extraordinarily rich soil at the foot of Etna. Harvested by hand early, the olives are processed within a few hours with a cold pressing that preserves their organoleptic values and from which we obtain an oil of great health value with fruity and floral scents and a harmonious finish.

    INTENSITY': Medium fruity, balanced and with an elegant organoleptic balance.

    PER CHI:For everyone, the first Virzi'

    Perfect PAIRINGS: Thanks to its great balance, this medium fruitiness adapts well to most of the dishes it goes with. It enhances dishes without ever covering the flavour


    Lapillo is a monocultivar from Nocellara dell'Etna, a variety of olives that we grow on family farms 700 metres above sea level. The name Lapillo derives from "lapilli", the small solidified fragments of lava formed during volcanic eruptions, and expresses the strong link with the territory of Etna. Starting from a careful hand picking, the still green olives are processed within a few hours with a cold pressing that preserves their organoleptic values. The final result is a medium-intense fruity EVO that releases the fruity and floral scents of Sicily.

    INTENSITY': Medium fruity, with light bitterness and a spicy taste that pleasantly tickles the palate, prolonging its elegant scents.

    PER CHI:For all those who are looking for a medium fruity with more pungency

    PERFECT PAIRINGS: Salads or grilled vegetables, white meats, bruschetta, avocado, eggs, potatoes, lime and pink pepper


    SolOlio is a monocultivar from Verdello, a variety of olives typical of our territory capable of expressing great elegance. It stands out for its vegetal and grass cut scents. Starting from a careful hand picking, the still green olives are processed within a few hours with a cold pressing that preserves their organoleptic values. The final result is a fruity MEDIUM PERSISTENT EVO, of great elegance

    INTENSITY': medium fruity, persistent and of very high quality.

    PER CHI: Its great elegance and a good persistence in the mouth make this EVO the perfect solution for special occasions or for sought-after gifts. In

    Perfect combinations: Fish, vegetables, fresh cheese, pasta or risotto in white with seafood or vegetables. Perfect for toppings of gourmet desserts.